Solutions on the Cloud and Mobile devices
from Uruguay to the world

BeKode is a software factory specialized on Python/Django Web Apps and Mobile Apps.

About Us

BeKode is a young software factory from the beautiful city of Montevideo, Uruguay.
Our team is composed of highly-motivated and very skilled people.
We are particularly passionate about usability and user experience , and of course, we love making web and mobile apps talk to each other as best friends!
So you tell us your problem, we will put ourselves in your shoes, and build a solution taking advantage of both web and mobile "worlds" interacting together, maximizing the simplicity of usage for your particular needs.
Above all, we encourage Transparency on every direction as our main value.

Our Company



We don't just blindly write code. We like to get to know our customers, to understand their actual needs and worries, and to work with them to come up with great custom-made solutions that really make a difference, and improve their lives.
We use Scrum methodology to ensure customers always know what we're up to, and to be able to take fast decisions based on real-life feedback.

Core Values

We embed these values into each and every one of our projects, and they reflect our vision of what technology and user experiences should be.
We’re techies and makers with business sense and creative minds, seeking to improve peoples lives through great software.

Our Team

Our team consists of a group of young advanced software engineering students, with a great passion for technology and hunger for self-improvement.
  • Web Applications

  • iOS Apps

  • Android Apps

Success stories

These are a few of the projects we've completed successfully.



Montevideo, Uruguay

Wilson Ferreira Aldunate 1294/802.
Tel: (+598) 93 990 831

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